Compact Disc Digital Audio

Do you remember the first CD you bought? So do I. It was the self-titled album by Candlebox, and it was amazing. Riding on the strength of their first single “Far Behind,” the CD was strategically placed on the endcap of our local retailer, ready to be placed into the tender hands of sixth-grade me. The two shades of blue printed on the CD face are still magic.

But can you imagine my surprise when I realized the radio version of “You” was different from the album version? Do you mean to tell me there was more than one version of any song?? Well, it was a shock and a real eye-opener, let me tell you.

Now, almost 20 years later, it’s 2012, and here I sit having produced several compact discs with my own musical group. I must say that I am really glad to have caught most of the life cycle of the CD as a viable medium. Despite the probability of scratching the disc surface into unplayability and because of the purity and reliability of that digital scraping sound as the disc starts to spin, I have trouble letting it go.

With the spirit of sharing the love for compact discs, we’ve decided to put CDs on sale. 3 albums and 1 EP for $15. It’s as simple as that.

*If you already own some of these but would still like to get in on this sweet action, feel free to make us an offer for something else…

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