Shortest Day of the Year EP

01/ Those Years

Stay in my life / Stay by my side / This is the time for me / And all those years you’ve passed me by, you have not felt sorry / You decide to say goodbye for me / Let’s go outside, let’s close our eyes, stay up all night, for me

02/ Reason to Cry

Having only myself to blame / Hard to describe when i can never seem to concentrate / And the things you said last night / Have all but passed me by / Feeling rather lonesome / Is never good for you but makes me feel important / And i don’t need to wonder why it keeps you up at night / Then i just take a deep breath, and from the corners of my mind i think about when we met / Then i sometimes recorgnize that i’ve got no reason to cry / And it might take some convincing / at this point your acquaintances have all but written me off / and you’re finding they were right all along

03/ Losing My Love

Say you’ll always be with me, and I’ll be fine / You’ll always have me there in your mind / Take a picture of us two / It’s not for me / It’s so that I can be there with you / Losing my love, I’m losing my love, losing my love, losing my love

04/ You Can Tell

You haven’t been around for a couple days / and I won’t pretend to understand why I’m feeling this way / A combination of no obligations, a relief / and a sinking thought like I’ve got something just out of reach / You must wonder what’s going through my mind besides the alphabet, counting to six and prehistoric times / Sitting on the couch because I want to be alone, barely able to express myself aloud when you’re at home / Adjusting to having to think about more than myself / is not so simple for me, and I know you can tell / I never once considered that I might rather be alone / Tell me you didn’t tell your mom we’re not getting along

05/ All I

Here’s all i need to know for now, and will it make a difference anyhow / I ask what i don’t want to know / ’cause once it’s there, I’ll never let it go / So tell me all you know / And don’t leave a thing out / I never want to be the one / Who dwells until it’s too hard to have fun / So tell me when it’s weird for you / I’ll try to tell you what I’m going through / You know just what to do to make me crazy

06/ I Will Sing

Can’t believe this day / Want it to be over now / Thinking of a way to get out / Sneaky but i know you can’t trust a girl who doesn’t let it show who she is, does she know, do I care if she goes / I will sing, and I will dance / I’ll make the most of this circumstance / Won’t interfere with your plans / You will see you lie to me, and I won’t be around one more day / I’ll always go my own way

07/ My Pain

You’re causing all my pain / We’ll never be the same / But still I try every time / Set myself up / To be denied / I see you’re back with him / I just can’t watch again / I have to try to be strong / Now that I know / It was him all along

08/ Wake Up [cassette-only track]

You’re going on when nobody cares / You think you’re smart, yet you get nowhere / Wake up, look around / No friends can be found / You’re using drugs, you use your girlfriend / One day she’ll learn, and it all will end / Wake up, look around / No friends can be found