Snowman 7″

01/ I’m a Snowman

i’m a snowman, a snowman / i’m cold when i’m with you / and a snowman can never hold your hand / ’cause snowmen just won’t do / although i’d like to be the one now / i feel like i am just no fun now / well, maybe next year will be better / i’ll bet it’s not / let’s not forget the girl who made me / the only one who now can save me /she went away, i’m getting colder / ’cause she forgot

02/ Holidays

sure i love some snow on christmas day / but there has got to be a way for me to spend some time / some place where the sun still shines / i know i will miss the cold one day / already sick of it / i need to get away it’s true / i wonder what i have to do / to make it so / i spend a couple months away from here / i’m trying to replace my fear with confidence / believe that it will happen if i try / it’s time for me to say goodbye

03/ Easy Days

we’re feeling pressure / and it’s the time of year again / so many possibilities / we could go back to our home town / but your mom’s living out here now / and my dad is halfway in between / but if you can’t get the time off work / how will we make it home / now christmas is a weighted word / those easy days are gone / who will we spend time with / and who won’t we see this trip / is it up to us to decide / what if the weather’s bad / and it spoils all our plans / the cold and snow combined keep us inside

04/ Let Me See You Again

let me see you again / it’s the only thing that i ask for this year / just try remembering when / you had everything all you wanted was here / and it’s too cold so come back to me dear / i want to see you in your winter coat / i want to hold you tonight / i’ll make a fire so we’ll both stay warm / you’d look amazing in that light / let me see you again / it’s the only thing that i ask for this year / i don’t care where you’ve been / and why you left it has never been clear / so come on back for some holiday cheer