Who Knows 7″

01/ Who Knows

It’s taking everything I’ve got to stand here while you sit there talking / It’s taking everything I’ve got to stand here when I should be walking home / Can I just leave you here alone? / My mind is telling me to leave / Just leave right now and I’ll feel better / My mind says that the sooner that I leave the sooner I’ll forget her / I don’t know if I could just go / Who knows why I’m still standing here / Who knows why you’re still talking / If I could find a way to leave / You know that I’d be walking

02/ Making Something

These days she’s feeling kind of sad / Never been a time when / Her days were all spent gone / Now she’s never at home / She wants to do things with her Mind / But the days make her too tired / To think at all / It’s not so hard to just retreat / But don’t let this be the last thing that you read / It’s never worth giving up / You thoughts for someone else’s stuff / I know I’m the one holding you back / From moving on and living somewhere else / I’d like to start with something fresh / And leave behind this total mess