Tour EP Available Digitally


We released a four-song EP for our West Coast summer tour all the way back in 2007, and it’s been out of print since then. We are happy to report that you can now find it on Spotify, iTunes, and everywhere. It contains the original—and, some would say, better(!)—version of “Since I Met You,” which was later re-recorded and released on our Simple Machinery album.

Making some playlists

We’ve been making some Spotify playlists with the intention of posting a new one every month. Here are the first two; they’re pretty much perfect.

November, 2013: “The wind of change”
Spotify link
web link

October, 2013: “Listen now”
Spotify link
web link

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Greatest Hits

We’ve put together a Spotify playlist of our greatest hits just for you. In typical rock star fashion, we included almost half of our songs because we are just so enamored with the sounds of our own voices. This list is appropriate for the uninitiated as well as those who are sick of skipping the bad songs on the records. It’s all gold on here, my friend.